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Get Involved

More than donors, you’re partners.

As such we’ll help you build a customized investment plan based on your commitment level and partnership preferences–one that fits your company’s brand, aligns with your mission, and will deliver the most meaningful impact.

Photo: JROTC cadets work on Arduino development–the adaptable motherboards that cadets use to build and control MP3 players, autonomous robots, and sibling detector alarms–at a three-day workshop organized by the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity. A long-running, signature program of the College of Engineering, CEED is made possible by corporations like Altria, Boeing Co., Ford, General Motors, Norfolk Southern, Northrop Grumman, and Qualcomm.

Here’s how it works:

1. Get in touch.

We’d love to discuss the impact areas that most interest you and your team and go from there.

2. Explore your potential impact.

These three partner levels make it easy to see what your investment can accomplish.

Diversity Champion

Sitting at the highest tier of partnership, Diversity Champions move the needle on inclusion and diversity efforts at Virginia Tech. 

With a significant investment over four to five years, Champions not only shape their customized plan and impact, but they also have a seat at the table to inform broader university strategies both through board seats and regular engagement with leadership. 

We recognize our Champions through a variety of channels across the university and host signature events and unique experiences that ensure Champions have opportunities to actively engage with those who benefit from their investment. We also help customize opportunities for Champions, including speaking engagements, mentorship opportunities, and appointments as professors of practice. 

Diversity Partner

Diversity Partners play an invaluable role in building foundations for inclusion and diversity on campus. 

At the next tier, Diversity Partners not only bolster existing programs across Virginia Tech but also have the opportunity to design new offerings and engage with those who benefit from their investment. Partners have the option to engage in internships and experiential learning opportunities, participate in recognition and celebration events, and attend a wide array of recruiting events. Partners’ generosity will be recognized through social media and the web.

Diversity Supporter

Diversity Supporters make a difference by sustaining the many inclusion and diversity efforts in place across Virginia Tech.

Supporter investments provide important resources to inclusion and diversity programs  that benefit students and faculty. With modest annual or multi-year commitments, Supporters can help with scholarships, success centers, STEM programs, and many other ongoing initiatives. As with all partners, Virginia Tech will recognize the investment through social media and encourage employees to participate in ongoing events, diversity recruiting, and retention efforts.

3. Join us.

Whether you’re a Diversity Champion, Partner, or Supporter, we can’t wait to claim change together.



The Presidential Scholarship Initiative helps connect talented ‘Gen1s’ – those who are the first in their families to attend college – with high-quality college opportunities. As a Fortune 200 company based in Virginia, we see that keeping our most promising students close-by is good for Altria, for the commonwealth, and for other companies doing business here. We’re proud to partner with Virginia Tech to support these talented students.

Kathryn Fessler, Senior Director of Corporate Citizenship at Altria commenting on the $1 million Presidential Scholarship Initiative that provides full tuition, fees, room, and board annually to dozens of in-state students from low-income families.

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Contact LINK today to discuss how you can impact inclusion and diversity at Virginia Tech. |  (540) 231-1782