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Meet the Team

Brandy Salmon
Brandy Salmon, Associate Vice President for Innovation and Partnerships
Kendall Beebe
Kendall Beebe, Project Coordinator, CCI
Grant Brewer
Grant Brewer, Executive Director, LICENSE
Karin Clark
Karin Clark, Associate Director for Business Development, LINK
Mark Filiatreau
Mark Filiatreau, Proposal Writer
Rozzy Finn
Rozzy Finn, Licensing Officer, LICENSE
Brad Fravel
Brad Fravel, Executive Director, LINK
Gavin Garvey
Gavin Garvey, Associate Director, Technology Marketing, LICENSE
Kathleen Green
Kathleen Green, Assistant Director, Corporate Engagement
Gwen Harrington
Gwen Harrington, Director of Corporate Engagement
Sarah Hayes
Sarah Hayes, Portfolio Director, Commonwealth Cyber Initiative
David Irvin
David Irvin, Licensing Officer, LICENSE
Tracy Krauchun
Andrea Koslow, Principal Partnerships Officer
Tracy Krauchun
Tracy Krauchun, Director of Foundation Relations, LINK
Carl Mitchell
Carl Mitchell, Associate Director for Business Development, VTTI, LINK
Mark Mondry
Mark Mondry, Director, LAUNCH
Katherine Nicewander
Katherine Nicewander, Intellectual Property Specialist, LICENSE
Austin Shock
Austin Shock, Project Coordinator, CCI
Adam Short
Adam Short, Associate Director, Corporate Foundation Relations, LINK
Connie Stovall
Connie Stovall, Associate Director for Strategic Research Analysis
Patty Tatro
Patty Tatro, Associate Director for Business Development, LINK
Carla Verbridge
Carla Verbridge, Project Coordinator, LICENSE + LAUNCH
Megan Wallace
Megan Wallace, Associate Director for Business Development, LINK
Lisa Young
Lisa Young, Executive Assistant, Project Coordinator