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A Conversation with Theresita Richard of Capital One

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A Conversation with Theresita Richard of Capital One

Live Premiere:
Thursday, April 22nd
3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

Theresita Richard leads Capital One’s diversity, inclusion and belonging (DIB) strategy, and serves as the DIB lead to the Capital One Racial Equity (CORE) Initiative, which advances racial equity, justice and inclusion for Black and Latinx associates and communities. Prior to joining Capital One in November 2020, Theresita led the diversity, inclusion and belonging and workforce innovation functions for Nordstrom. 

Theresita brings over 20 years of experience in diversity and inclusion—a space where she is committed to unlocking the potential of others, encouraging them to be bold, think big and develop innovative ideas. She is passionate about creating meaningful experiences that enable individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive and deliver amazing results. 

As a collaborative and transformational leader, Theresita considers herself a disruptor and a catalyst for change, approaching problems with curiosity, creating sustainable solutions for the future and challenging the status quo to solve needs in new and relevant ways. 

Theresita started her career in operations after earning her B.S. in industrial engineering from Cornell University. It was there that she discovered her passion for creating people-centered experiences. After that, Theresita went on to pursue her M.A. in human resource development from George Washington University. 

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