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A dynamic series founded on a simple premise: when Virginia Tech alumni and industry get together, we get to work.


The Next Frontiers of Space   

Humanity’s fascination with space exploration is universal and enduring. The beauty of our solar system and the mysteries therein has united explorers, innovators and scientists for centuries.

And Hokies have played an integral role in advancing our understanding of the next frontier. From flying as astronauts, to expanding technologies, to championing new research, Hokies are helping us answer fundamental questions about our place in the universe.

Join us as we hear from a few of the brilliant minds who are making history in this world and beyond…


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    Share your stories and experience with the next generation of Hokie grads.

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Deborah (Deb) Golden '94

US Cyber and Strategic Risk Leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP

About Aluminate

Under the umbrella of LINK + LICENSE + LAUNCH, Aluminate is the platform, the stage, the forum that lights our path to advance industry. We not only tackle big questions and pressing issues, we bring light to new possibilities. We mobilize around topics at the bleeding edge – where predictive analytics meets pandemics; the future of talent, of work, of AI; super soldiers at the human-computer frontier, and the Next G. Through our convictions and connections, we create partnerships built for national and global impact.