Homecoming Court

The 2018 Homecoming Court

King Candidates

Matthew Ferrari
Matthew Ferrari

Organization: Delta Sigma Phi
Major: Finance
Hometown: Purcellville, Virginia
Platform: I am running to benefit suicide prevention and to implement a program that provides immediate outreach to those affected by the crisis of suicide. "Be There for a Friend in Need with Matthew Ferrari" will directly benefit Virginia Tech’s student body through providing care packages for post-suicide survivors and affected individuals.
Fun Fact: I have five cousins that currently are at Virginia Tech with me.

Muhannah Hossain
Muhannah Hossain

Organization: Sigma Phi Epsilon
Major: Clinical neuroscience
Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Platform: Anti-bullying awareness in elementary schools. My idea centers around bringing people to campus that can train college students on how to educate elementary school kids on how to be aware of common bullying themes. Then, as part of a two-day event, those same college students would go to the elementary schools in the area and spend an hour or so with the elementary school students teaching them how to be aware of those same common bullying themes. Bullying takes place at so many levels and this is a way that we can start to fix that problem.
Fun Fact: I’ve been to the very top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Juan Segura
Juan Segura

Organization: Beta Theta Pi
Major: Computer science
Minor: Business
Hometown: Gainesville, Virginia
Platform: "Stand for Special Education with Segura" - My goal is to bring awareness and support to special education departments in public schools around the Blacksburg area. With the help of my sponsoring organization, I will organize a field day for students held at Blacksburg Middle School. Through this event, I hope to change the community’s mindset by showcasing what students with disabilities can do instead of what they can’t.
Fun Fact: I was born in Bogotá, Colombia!

Jake Gaddis
Jake Gaddis

Organization: Phi Sigma Kappa
Major: Finance and real estate
Hometown: Berlin, Maryland
Platform: Sexual assault education for high school seniors/rising college freshmen, in order to begin the conversation about respect and boundaries.
Fun Fact: I had a license to drive a boat four years before I had one to drive a car.

Sam Miller
Sam Miller

Organization: Delta Psi Nu
Major: Communication studies and human development
Hometown: Huntingtown, Maryland
Platform: Positivity is not something that can be easily turned on like a light switch. It is something that doesn’t come to all and seems to evade you in times of stress. But it is something we all can achieve through the help of our cohorts that we surround ourselves with every day. “Operation Positivity” would be a newly created organization devoted to the creation and spread of positivity in and around our beautiful campus.
Fun Fact: My initials spell my first name!

Ryan Niblock
Ryan Niblock

Organization: GERMAN Club
Major: Multimedia journalism
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Platform: “Not Alone with Niblock,” The focus of my platform is to eliminate the stigma of mental health by fostering an environment that encourages openness and vulnerability in a safe space. The key is to educate not only those who struggle with mental health as college students (i.e. anxiety and depression), but to educate the community on how to best reach out to those struggling to make sure nobody has to go through the battle of mental health alone.
Fun Fact: I don’t like cheese, and I don’t know why but that usually seems to shock the general public (but I will eat pizza).

Jake Vail
Jake Vail

Organization: Phi Kappa Psi
Major: Property management
Hometown: Sayville, New York
Platform: “Raise Your Voice With Vail”- Suicide Prevention and Education
Fun Fact: Once I sang “Somebody to Love” by Queen in front of a live audience in Radio City Music Hall.

Queen Candidates

Melanie Bomberg
Melanie Bomberg

Organization: Chi Omega
Major: Human development
Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
Platform: BeYOUtiful with Bomberg - eating disorder awareness
Fun Fact: If we had been born at night, I would have a different birthday than my twin sister.

Allison Burns
Allison Burns

Organization: Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Major: Human nutrition, foods, and exercise
Hometown: Mechanicsville, Virginia
Platform:  Hope to Walk (HTW) is a local, nonprofit organization that invented a prosthetic leg that costs $100-$150 versus $5,000-$15,000 for a typical prosthetic. Through this platform, I would love to host hands-on workshop training day(s) where Virginia Tech students can live out Ut Prosim by helping in the creation of the prosthetics, fundraise through campaign t-shirt sales for prosthetic legs “In Honor Of” the Hokie community, and raise awareness for the need of affordable and accessible equipment for amputees that bring hope and life-changing transformation.
Fun Fact: I celebrated my birthday in three different countries within two different continents, all in the same day!

Katherine DiDonato
Katherine DiDonato

Organization: Alpha Delta Pi
Major: Interior design
Hometown: Malvern, Pennsylvania
Platform: Kicking Cancer with Katherine. I am excited to use my personal experiences to shed light on the impacts of pediatric cancer with the surrounding community and to help further research, care, and quality of life for pediatric cancer patients.
Fun Fact: I am double jointed in both my arms.

Soad Elziny
Soad Elziny

Organization: Gamma Phi Beta
Major: Experimental neuroscience Minor: International studies
Hometown: Newport News, Virginia
Platform: "Solving the Puzzle with Soad" - I'm excited to present a platform I'm very passionate about, Autism Awareness. I've worked at a clinic for children with autism in the past, currently work as a life skills trainer at a center for people with autism and other neurological disorders, and part of my undergraduate research concerns ASD, so this is very near and dear to my heart. As a community, I'd love to see the Hokie Nation support such an amazing cause and help me spread awareness and fund Autism research!
Fun Fact: I'm fluently trilingual! (Arabic, English, and Spanish)

Alexandra Buck
Ali Buck

Organization: Newman Community
Major: Communication studies and Spanish
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Platform: "Rally Behind Ali" - I would like to work with the organization Spread the Word to End the Word to encourage our campus to consciously stop using the word "retarded" in conversation.
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Oviedo, Spain.

Oziomachukwu Chinaka
Oziomachukwu Chinaka

Organization: African Student Association at Virginia Tech
Major: Human development
Hometown: Reston, Virginia
Platform: There is a stigma around mental health that I am fighting to break by advocating for more funds to better support students seeking help through the mental health resources on campus. My platform is to implement a campus-wide Mental Health Week to inform students of the mental health resources available on campus which are pivotal for student well-being. Mental Health Week will also engage students in programs and activities that will educate and promote honoring oneself with new coping mechanisms and serving others with the practice of bystander intervention.
Fun fact: I'm Nigerian and can do a one handed cartwheel.

Alison LeMair
Ali LeMair

Organization: Sigma Kappa
Major: Multimedia journalism with a minor in GIS
Hometown: Reston, Virginia
Platform: Alcohol Aware with Ali LeMair. My mom joined Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in 2011, so alcohol abuse hits close to home for me. Aside from AlcoholEDU, there isn’t a big conversation about alcohol on Virginia Tech’s campus. Alongside my sponsoring organization, Sigma Kappa, the goal of this campaign is to make the Hokie Community stronger, safer, and more educated by teaching warning signs of the disease and policies around alcohol consumption. As a community, we can best look out for one another by knowing how to safely consume alcohol as well as knowing how to handle any problems that may come with it.  
Fun Fact: I’ve lived overseas twice! (Paris, France and Okinawa, Japan)

2017 Homecoming King and Queen Anthony Fisher and Jordan Selep


Anthony  Fisher
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity

I grew up in Aldie, Virginia, and am now majoring in biochemistry with a minor in chemistry. My sponsoring organization is Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, which I have been a member of since freshman year. A member of our fraternity suffers from muscular dystrophy, which is why I have chosen to try and spread the word about this awful disease. My platform is Walking for a Cure with Anthony Fisher. I hope to shed some light on muscular dystrophy and the amazingly optimistic people that it affects. 

Jordan Selep
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

I’m a biological sciences and psychology double major from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am extremely honored and excited to serve on the 2017 Homecoming Court and am forever grateful for the wonderful ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha as they support me in our pursuit in implementing the sexual assault education and prevention program, GreenDot, here on Virginia Tech’s campus. GreenDot is a campus-renovating, intensive program that focuses on educating the bystander community involved in sexual assault incidents with hopes of ultimately preventing them. As a member of the 2017 Homecoming Court, I am honored to get this opportunity to bring to light the issue of sexual assault on our campus.