The office of Licensing and Trademarks Administration promotes and protects Virginia Tech's  name, nicknames, and other identifying marks for purposes of resale. Licensing and Trademarks approves internal use of trademarks and administers a licensed collegiate merchandise program through a partnership with IMG Collegiate Licensing.

Virginia Tech Licensing & Trademarks

Collegiate Licensing Program

Virginia Tech directs IMG Collegiate Licensing to contract with a limited number of producers in order to make goods bearing University marks available for retail sale to the public. IMG Collegiate Licensing issues licensing agreements for a limited number of suppliers in each of a broad range of merchandise categories. Both the business and the individual products that business produces must be approved in advance and in writing; when so approved the business becomes a "Licensee" and the individual products become "Licensed Products."

The normal steps in obtaining a license include the following:

  1. A preliminary assessment, first, of the ability of the business to produce and distribute goods in accordance with University expectations; and second, of the market demand and competition levels for the envisioned goods;
  2. The signing of a contract between IMG Collegiate Licensing and the business, including agreeing to the university's code of conduct (PDF document);
  3. Approval steps for each individual design.

If you are interested in obtaining a license which allows you to produce goods bearing University marks you should contact IMG Collegiate Licensing:

IMG Collegiate Licensing
1075 Peachtree Street, Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone: (770) 956-0520
Fax: (770) 955-4491

Crafter Licensing Program

The Virginia Tech Crafter Licensing Program is designed for independent crafters who want to produce handmade products bearing university trademarks such as the VT logo, Hokies wordmark, and HokieBird artwork. A crafter is defined as an individual producing domestic handcrafted items with collegiate marks, and selling/distributing to individual consumers via events or direct sales. This might include events organized by church, school, county, state, craft, holiday, Junior League, street festivals, gift marts, or flea markets.

Crafters license directly with Virginia Tech. Standards for the crafter license include no more than 500 units sold per year and less than $2,500 total sales of licensed product. No sales are permitted on a wholesale basis or to third party retailers. Once a crafter has exceeded any of these parameters (units sold, total sales or distribution channel), the crafter must apply for a license through Collegiate Licensing Company.

The term for crafter license agreements runs July 1 to June 30, and agreements must be renewed annually. The annual flat-rate royalty fee is $125, which must be paid upon execution of the agreement. Annual sales that exceed a quantity of 500 or revenues of more than $2,500 are subject to standard royalty rates 10 percent of wholesale value.

Download the Crafter Licensing application

Please refer all questions to:

Mail completed applications to:

Licensing and Trademarks (0161)
University Gateway Center, Suite 2500
902 Prices Fork Road
Blacksburg, VA 24060

Current licensees

In order to comply with the Virginia Tech’s Trademark Licensing Policy; and to ensure consistency and compliance with a wide range of requirements associated with the manufacture and use of Virginia Tech’s trademarks, products bearing Virginia Tech’s trademarks may be purchased only from companies that are officially licensed by Virginia Tech to manufacture or distribute products bearing its trademarks (Virginia Tech licensees). These PDF files have complete lists of all Virginia Tech licensed vendors: