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Your Virginia Tech User ID

What’s a Virginia Tech User ID?

Your Virginia Tech User ID (formerly your 'PID') will be your electronic identifier throughout your years at Virginia Tech. It’s used for everything—signing up for orientation, registering for classes, checking your email, participating in classes, etc.

Please be sure to choose your Virginia Tech User ID appropriately, because this identifier will be visible as your electronic identity to professors, potential employers, and others.

How do I get a Virginia Tech User ID?

You can create your Virginia Tech User ID after you accept our offer of admission and your matriculation deposit has been received and processed. Note: This may take several days for online payments or up to two weeks for mailed payments.

Everything input must exactly match your student record, or your attempt will result in a not-found error. If you received an offer of admission, then you are most definitely in the database. Following are some hints to help you successfully create your Virginia Tech User ID.

  1. Enter your first and last names exactly as they appear on the letter offering you admission to the university, as this reflects how they are listed in the system.
  2. Enter your date of birth as a two-digit month, two-digit date, and four-digit year (MM-DD-YYYY).
  3. Enter your Student ID number: (the nine-digit number you received in the letter offering you admission). Do not use your Social Security Number.
  4. Choose the exact major on your offer letter, without extra words or college designations. For example, all first-year engineering students should choose General Engineering. Business majors should choose the exact program listed on their offer letter (ex. Marketing Management, not Business, Marketing). Undecided students are University Studies majors, not Undecided.

If you continue to receive the not-found error and need to try the screen multiple times, be sure to close your browser window completely after each failure. This will allow the secure page to reset.

If you still have problems after trying the above suggestions, send an email to including your name and Student ID number.