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First-year Admissions Requirements

Academic Requirements for First-year Students

Each year over 30,000 people apply to be among approximately 6,600 entering students. To be a first year applicant to Virginia Tech, you must complete:

  • 18 units of high-school course work
  • 4 units of English
  • 3 units of math (includes algebra I, geometry, and algebra II)
  • 2 units of laboratory science (chosen from biology, chemistry or physics)
  • 2 units of social science (one must be history)
  • 3 additional academic units (foreign language is highly recommended)
  • 4 elective units

Some majors have other requirements, such as an additional year of advanced math or lab science. Most students who are selected for admission have completed more than the minimum requirements and have at least a B+ grade point average.

First-year Applicant Holistic Review

Admissions directors use a holistic approach throughout the application review process. Many factors are considered to include:

  • Rigor of academic program
  • Grades in academic courses
  • Standardized test scores (Test Optional)
  • Ethnicity
  • First-generation
  • Leadership and service
  • Legacy
  • Major requested
  • Participation in Virginia Tech pipeline programs
  • Personal statements
  • Disciplinary record
  • Residency
  • Veteran status
  • Service/UT Prosim
  • Employment
  • Research experience

Some majors, such as engineering and architecture, have other requirements for advanced math and/or lab science. For more information, check specific major and college requirements. Most students who are selected for admission have completed more than the minimum requirements and have at least a B+ grade point average.

ACT/SAT Requirements

Given the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 situation, admission to Virginia Tech is test-optional for the 2021 application cycle. If you will be applying to Virginia Tech in the fall of 2020 or the spring of 2021, ACT/SAT scores will not be required. Applications without these scores will not be penalized.

Home Schoolers and Others in Non-Accredited Programs

In order to be competitive for admission to Virginia Tech, students from other than accredited schools (including home-schooled students whose programs are not accredited) must provide the following documentation for review by the admissions committee:

  • Application for admission
  • Application fee
  • Self-Report of the Academic Record (SRAR). This will include all coursework completed in high school
  • Grades (level of performance)
  • SAT and/or ACT test scores (Test Optional)

Virginia Tech attracts highly competitive students nationwide and from over 100 countries. An increasing number of these students have unique educational backgrounds that require additional evaluation. The university administration recognizes that students from other than accredited schools may not study in the traditional classroom environment and that they are unable to provide the traditional documentation needed to evaluate their academic performance. Virginia Tech believes that providing this population the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in their college preparatory curriculum through the above-listed documentation will be beneficial to both the student and the university.