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Accepting the Offer of Admission

Accepting the offer of admission from Virginia Tech generally includes the following steps. International and transfer students may involve a few different or additional steps during the process. You may also download and return our first-year student response form.

Accept Your Offer Of Admission

To accept the offer, submit your $400 matriculation fee through your applicant portal by the date on your offer letter. The deadline for Early Decision to accept is January 15. The deadline for Early Action and Regular Decision to accept is May 1. If the $400 matriculation fee is a burden to you or your family, please contact our office to see if you are eligible for a reduction or waiver based on your FAFSA.

Accepting your transfer offer

Accepting your international offer

You will be able to create your VT username and email address after your matriculation fee has been processed (note: this may take a few days). Go to, click on 'Start'.

  • Enter your Student ID number: (the nine-digit number 90******* you received in the guest account instruction email and your mailed offer packet) Do not use your Social Security Number. If you receive an “unspecified” error message, please try using a different web browser. If you receive a “not found” error message, please allow more time for your deposit to be processed.
  • Enter your first and last names exactly as they appear on your guest account and the letter offering you admission to the university, as this reflects how they are listed in the system.
  • Enter your date of birth as a two-digit month, two-digit date, and four-digit year (MM-DD-YYYY).
  • Choose the exact major on your offer letter, without extra words or college designations. For example, all first-year engineering students should choose General Engineering. Business majors should choose the exact program listed on their offer letter (ex. Marketing Management, not Business, Marketing).

If you have problems after following the above instructions, send an email to, making sure to include your name and Student ID number.

You will need these items when creating your Virginia Tech username, as well as throughout the process of becoming a student at Virginia Tech.

Finding things you need to be a part of in the community is a lot easier with OneCampus. Go to for forms, portal entries, and more.

  • Complete the Scholarship Application and FAFSA by January 22 if applying for scholarships.
  • Complete the FAFSA by January 22 for priority consideration. More information at Once you have your information submitted, start getting ready for life on campus.
  • Check out You're In... Now What? It's your complete guide to life at Virginia Tech and will help you plan each step from now through the time you move into your residence hall. With new info each month, you'll want to bookmark this site:
  • Check your Virginia Tech email for important class registration and Orientation information.
  • Check out Virginia Tech Summer Academy.
  • Watch for your scholarship and financial aid package on your Application Status Page.
  • Register yourself and your family for Orientation. Registration opens in mid-March at
  • Submit your final high school grades through the self-reported academic record and submit final transcripts. For information about AP, IB, and CLEP tests, visit and search for "transcripts."
  • Attend First-Year Orientation and register for classes. Bring your family to Family Orientation.
  • Tell your family to sign up for the Hokie Family eNews at
  • Attend Summer Academy (if applicable).
  • Watch for tuition bill notification.
  • August 1 - Final official high school transcripts are due and final Self-Reported Academic Record updates (if previously submitted)
  • Make your fall tuition payment.
  • Move into your new home away from home! Get assistance from Hokie Helpers in the blue shirts.
  • Classes begin! View ongoing dates and deadlines at
  • Participate in Hokie Hi and Welcome Week activities.