Transfer Application Checklist

  1. Transfer (Spring term) deadline is October 15. Transfer (Summer I or II/Fall term) deadline is February 15. You must submit your completed Coalition application by this date to be considered for admission (see below for additional scholarship deadlines).
  2. Begin your Coalition Application by creating an account and completing the required portions of your “Profile”. Please note many portions of the Profile are optional for Virginia Tech, including high school and college course information. Once you have completed the required portions of your Profile, you can bypass these optional fields and move into the Virginia Tech specific questions. All college work will be reported through the separate SRAR portal (see below).
  3. Application fee: The application fee of $60 is paid at the time of submission. Coalition includes an automatic fee-waiver process for eligible students. If you are not granted a fee waiver but the application fee would present a burden please contact admissions for a fee waiver.
  4. Choose a major when you apply under the Virginia Tech specific questions. There are more than 100 to choose from. Prepare for entry into your intended program by following your Admissions Transfer Roadmap. Note, all students interested in any major in the College of Engineering (including Computer Science) will apply to the major of General Engineering. Undecided majors are not available to transfer applicants.
  5. All college course work will be reported through the Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). You may create an account and begin entering college coursework at any time at *IMPORTANT: Do not enter any high school information or course work in the SRAR. This information is not reviewed in the transfer admissions process.* All colleges or universities attended, however, should be included, and you will note all course work attempted, in-progress, or planned at each institution, including repeated course work and any dual enrollment work completed while in high school. AP, IB, and CLEP exam scores should be noted in the SRAR under the Exam Scores section. No additional transcripts are required for application review. You must complete the SRAR; transcripts will not be reviewed in lieu of SRAR completion. An official final transcript from each institution attended will be due by the date noted in your offer letter, if you chose to accept the offer of admission.
    Note: If you have attended college outside the US, you are not required to submit the SRAR; instead, you must have transcripts sent from all colleges attended.
  6. Link the SRAR to your application and submit. You will need to link your SRAR to your Coalition application by selecting “Link Application” from the SRAR homepage, and entering your Coalition Application ID Number (found in the Profile section in Coalition). A green checkmark in the link box on the SRAR homepage will then confirm the successful link.
  7. Standardized Test Scores (ACT/SAT) are not considered in the transfer application review process. These should not be provided to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and should not be included in the SRAR.
  8. Letters of Recommendation are not part of the Virginia Tech application review process and will not be considered.
  9. Set up your Virginia Tech Guest Account. After submitting your Coalition application, you should receive within 3 business days an email outlining how to create your Guest Account (check any spam/junk filters). It is important to complete this step as your final admissions decision will be posted to your Guest Account and you will use the account login information to access scholarship applications (see below). Learn more and access an active Guest Account at
  10. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the first step toward many financial aid options. Fill out the FAFSA by March 1; for the greatest consideration, however, it is recommended that applicants complete the FAFSA by January 22. Transfer (Spring term) applicants should complete the FAFSA as early as possible, or if already completed for that calendar year, ensure Virginia Tech is listed as a school who will have access to the FAFSA. Students looking to begin during the Spring or Summer terms should contact the Virginia Tech Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid at for more information on aid distribution timelines.
  11. Transfer (Summer I/II or Fall term) applicants seeking scholarships should apply by January 15 and complete the Virginia Tech General Scholarship Application by January 22. The Scholarship Central portal will open by October 15, 2018 at You will login to Scholarship Central using your Guest Account credentials (see above). Transfer (Spring term) applicants should complete the General Scholarship Application as soon as possible.
    Note: Additional scholarship opportunities will be outlined in Scholarship Central and may have different application processes and deadlines.
  12. If you have difficulties completing the application process, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for assistance. You can reach us at (540) 231-6267 or The Transfer Application FAQ page may also be helpful for commonly encountered problems.

Completed applications will receive priority in the review process. It is critical to meet the deadlines for your application. The university reserves the right to withdraw, without notice, any application that is not complete by the deadline.