Undergraduate Minors

What's A Minor?

A minor is a group of courses, fewer than the number required for a major, for students to take who wish to develop expertise or pursue an interest in some subject in addition to their major. Minors are optional, but can help students to stand out. With over 130 options, students can customize their education towards their desired area of study.

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ut prosim / that i may serve

Each minor requires a certain set of courses and credit hours. Minor requirements start at a minimum of 18 credit hours. Click on a particular minor to see a brief description as well as contact information for that minor.

Humanities, Science, and Environment
Humanities, Science, and Technology
Industrial Design
Innovation Minor (Pathways Minor)
Integrated Security (Pathways Minor)
Integrative Health and Wellness
Interdisciplinary Engineering and Science
International Agriculture and Life Sciences
International Business
International Public Policy
International Relations
International Studies
Japanese Studies
Judaic Studies
Landscape Architecture
Leadership and Social Change
Materials in Society (Pathways Minor)
Medicine and Society
Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Middle East Studies
Music - Jazz Studies
Music with Technology
National Security and Foreign Affairs
Natural Resources Recreation
Naval Engineering
Organizational Leadership
Packaging Systems & Design
Pathways to Sustainability
Peace Studies and Social Justice (Pathways Minor)
Peace Studies and Violence Prevention
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics
Plant Health Sciences
Political Science
Popular Culture
Professional and Technical Writing
Professional Sales
Property Management
Public Health
Real Estate
Russian Area Studies
Science, Technology, and Law
Smart & Sustainable Cities
Strategic Communication
Systems Biology
Theatre Arts
Turfgrass Management
Urban and Community Forestry
Visual Arts and Society (Pathways Minor)
War and Society
Watershed Management
Wetland Science
Women's and Gender Studies
Women's Leadership
Wood Science and Forest Products

Students can choose minors that belong in the same college as their major or choose minors in different colleges. Click on a particular minor to see a brief description as well as contact information for that minor.