Sustainable Biomaterials

Students pursing a major in sustainable biomaterials are working to build a “greener” future through the innovative use of sustainable natural resources to make the cutting-edge products our society needs. This major applies STEM disciplines to renewable natural materials. You'll learn about the use of these materials in the consumer products, green construction, and biofuel industries. In addition, you'll also acquire the skills and knowledge needed to produce and market these materials. Students majoring in sustainable biomaterials take common core courses in the following areas: wood, design, and craftsmanship; structure and properties of sustainable biomaterials; forest products marketing; business management; biodeterioration, bioconversion, and bioenergy; and entrepreneurial wood design and innovation.

Students will also take courses based on their specific track in the following areas:

  • Creating sustainable society — Environmental law, green building systems, sustainable biomaterials enterprises, and green engineering.
  • Forest products business — Accounting, forest products marketing, forest products business systems, sustainable biomaterials enterprises, and management theory.
  • Sustainable biomaterials science — Chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, physics, wood mechanics, sustainable biomaterials and bioenergy, and sustainable biomaterials composites.
  • Sustainable residential structures — House planning, chemistry, physics, wood mechanics, green building systems, and wood structures design.

Career options

  • Adhesive development chemist
  • Biochemist
  • Biofuels researcher
  • Building designer
  • Field advisor
  • International forest products specialist
  • International consultant
  • Inventory control manager
  • Marketing/sales manager
  • Process automation engineer
  • Process supervisor
  • Process technician
  • Production manager
  • Quality control/process control engineer
  • Research coordinator
  • Research scientist/materials specialist
  • Sales representative
  • Supply chain manager