Natural Resources Conservation

The natural resources conservation major is a good choice for those who like the environment and working with people. You'll get to help protect the environment while educating others and getting them excited about nature as well. This major addresses scientific environmental concerns while also focusing on the social and human elements of ecosystem management. In a sense, it is a blend of life sciences and social sciences. You'll graduate with a sense of stewardship and land-use ethics, prepared to take an active role in finding new and better ways to conserve, use, and sustain the world's vital natural resources and places. Students majoring in natural resources conservation take courses in the following core areas: forest science, geospatial analysis, environmental economics, and natural resources policy.

Students will also take courses based on their specific option in the following areas:

  • Conservation and recreation management — Trees in the built environment, recreation planning and management, environmental science, human dimensions, planning and policy, tourism, business, geography, and written communications.
  • Environmental education — Outdoor recreation management, geosciences, environmental science, environmental ethics, chemistry, children's literature, history, human development, and astronomy.

Career options

  • Environmental educator/conservation education specialist
  • Nature camp manager
  • Nature guide/tourism operator
  • Park ranger
  • Public affairs specialist