For students interested the markets and asset management, we offer hands-on learning through BASIS and SEED, two student-run investment funds, which each manage approximately $5 million of the university's endowment funds.

The median starting salary (excluding signing bonuses) for our Bachelor's degree recipients was $56,700 in 2014, with the middle 50 percent ranging from $47,000 to $60,000.

Virginia Tech's finance faculty are experts in their fields. They are actively involved in research in a number of areas, including corporate finance, investments and business law.

The gist:

Finance is a specialty that deals with the allocation of resources on corporate, institutional and personal levels. Money is a critical component of the economic system and the flow of money through corporations, capital markets, and financial institutions is the sustaining force of the U.S. and global economy.

Traditionally, three separate but related fields within finance are identified:

  • corporate financial management or “business finance,” which focuses on the internal decisions of companies to raise funds and invest in corporate assets;
  • investment management, which focuses on the purchase and sale of stocks and bonds or their derivatives by individuals and institutions; and
  • financial services management, which focuses on the management and regulation of institutions and the role that financial institutions play in the economy.

The undergraduate program in finance, insurance, and business law is designed to suit the requirements of students intending to have specialized careers in various aspects of financial management such as investment management, corporate financial management, financial services management, and financial accounting. Students gain expertise in accounting and finance, essential for being successful financial professionals.

The program maintains a strong focus on case-oriented course work that will let students apply their knowledge to realistic situations and strengthen their oral and written communication skills.

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