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Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs

Guru Ghosh

Guru Ghosh
Guru Ghosh

The Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs is responsible for:

  • Taking the lead in carrying out the university's efforts to be fully engaged with society, here and around the world.
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge that benefits both the university and society.
  • Helping faculty disseminate research results and assisting communities, businesses, nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations, and governments in working with faculty to solve real-world societal, natural resource, and other problems through research.
  • Working with communities to address local and global economic development needs.
  • Tailoring regional and online graduate and lifelong learning educational opportunities to the people served.
  • Arranging opportunities for students to serve community organizations and communities while learning.
  • Exploring new ways the university can leverage its resources to create a more effective international agenda.
  • Managing U.S. government-funded projects around the world that aim to improve food security and natural resources management.
  • Tracking Virginia Tech's international agreements with institutions abroad.
  • Providing assistance with visas for international visitors to the university.
  • Overseeing the university's international centers.
  • Spearheading implementation of the university's International Strategic Plan.



International Affairs

The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center

  • Tom Cupo | General Manager

Resource Management and Planning

  • Jane Swan | Assistant Vice President

Outreach Information Services

  • Scott Farmer | Director


  • Rich Mathieson | Director

Administrative Staff

  • Holly Carroll, Business Operations Specialist
  • Courtney Holland | Administrative Assistant
  • Kimberly Rhodes | Executive Assistant

Contact info

Mailing address
Vice President for Outreach and International Affairs (0265)
Gateway Center, Virginia Tech
902 Prices Fork Road, Suite 120
Blacksburg, VA  24061