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Femoyer Hall

280 Stanger St.
Femoyer Hall
Femoyer Hall

Femoyer Hall is an academic building that also houses the Student Success Center, which offers free support, such as tutoring and study skills seminars to undergraduate students, and the Naval ROTC unit.


Robert E. Femoyer

Second Lieutenant Robert Edward Femoyer, for whom Femoyer Hall is named, was a member of the Class of 1944. In World War II, Femoyer saw action over Germany in a "Flying Fortress." Although mortally wounded, he directed the navigation of his anti-aircraft-riddled plane back to safety in England, saving the lives of his crew. He died an hour after his plane landed. Femoyer's selfless actions were recognized with this nation's Medal of Honor.

Building History

Femoyer Hall was built as a residence hall on the Upper Quad in 1949.

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FEM / 013
37.23133, -80.42124