Peddrew-Yates Hall
Peddrew-Yates Hall

Peddrew-Yates Hall was built in 1998. The building houses 219 co-ed residents, primarily freshman students participating in the Residential Leadership Community. It is a suite-style building and commonly referred to as "PY."

The Residential Leadership Community is an academic leadership studies and development program maintained through a collaborative effort of the Division of Student Affairs, the University Honors Program, the Center for Instructional Development and Educational Research, and the Department of Agricultural and Extension Education. It is a one or two-year program and gives students the option to complete a minor in leadership and social change. The curriculum teaches comprehensive historical and social leadership theories while developing communication, leadership, and group skills specific to individual students' majors and career goals.


Irving Peddrew III and Charlie Yates

Irving Peddrew III and Charlie Yates

Peddrew-Yates Hall honors Irving Linwood Peddrew III, the first black student to enroll in Virginia Tech (1952), and the late Charlie Lee Yates, the first black graduate, who earned a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in 1957. After leaving at the end of his junior year, Peddrew worked in the aerospace and food industries and became a musician. Yates was a member of the board of visitors for one term and taught in two departments at his alma mater.

Building History

Initially known as New Residence Hall West, Peddrew-Yates Hall was built in 1998. It was renamed and dedicated in 2002 during the 50th anniversary celebration of blacks at Virginia Tech. 

Map Grid: M-6

Building Number: 041

Originally Built: 1998

Abbreviation: PY

Latitude: 37.22503

Longitude: -80.41991