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LICENSE: Center for Tech Commercialization


LICENSE commercialize technologies and support start-ups 


We serve as the front door for inventors and partners, working in collaboration with Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties (VTIP)

Every day groundbreaking discoveries are made at Virginia Tech, LICENSE: Center for Technology Commercialization and LAUNCH: Center for New Ventures,  provide a path to market, creating impact and value to stakeholders.  We deliver top-tier technology commercialization services to support licensing of technologies to existing companies and promote start-up formation.  We operate in collaboration with the Office of Sponsored Programs and Conflict of Interest to educate and guide Virginia Tech innovators throughout the commercialization lifecycle.

Our experienced team knows what it takes to navigate the complex process of technology transfer and we bring a full suite of competencies, including depth in technology transfer and negotiation, new venture development, intellectual property (IP) management, and technical expertise. 

When the invention disclosure is found to be novel and of possible value to the market, we seek to protect the associated IP in partnership with Virginia Tech Intellectual Properties (VTIP).  A 501(c)(3) affiliated corporation of the Virginia Tech Foundation, VTIP manages Virginia Tech IP administration for the university in cooperation with LINK+LICENSE+LAUNCH and Office of Sponsored Programs.

How do we help?

We create partnerships that turn scientific progress into tangible products, businesses, and service models


Students work on a construction project


We promote the progress of science and technology

We deliver on the Virginia Tech mission and support regional, state, and global economic development, cultivating an inclusive environment of scientific and entrepreneurial excellence.

Helmet Research Lab


We forge deep connections with industry, investors, and experts

We stay abreast of market and opportunity areas and create platforms for partnership and value creation.

Malawi Library Model


We deliver a proactive, value-added approach

We take on a broad portfolio for asset management enabled through robust technology and market assessments, customer discovery, marketing, and opportunity shaping.

The LICENSE & LAUNCH teams offer a holistic approach to asset management and commercialization.  We encourage disclosure of IP from Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and graduate students.  With a service orientation, we evaluate discoveries for possible application and value, establish IP protection strategies, and  shape opportunities in collaboration with faculty and graduate students to be transitioned to the market.   

We help inventions become market innovations 

Faculty Inventor Spotlights

  • General Item
    Kevin Edgar
    Kevin Edgar

    Professor in biomaterials and bioprocessing who has worked in polysaccharide science approaching on four decades. He is currently exploring new ways to use cellulose and other natural polysaccharides, as renewable, sustainable and biodegradable materials, in the creation of novel drug-delivery systems.

  • General Item
    Webster L. Santos
    Webster L. Santos

    A member of the Virginia Tech Center for Drug Discovery, Webster is a professor focusing on medicinal chemistry. He works on the development of drugs for the treatment of various disease states.

  • General Item
    Daphne Yao
    Daphne Yao

    A professor of computer science and a National Science Foundation CAREER Award recipient, Daphne works to build tools, software, and systems for deployable security and quantitative security assurance measurement

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