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Jacquelin Broadwater Norell '98, '01

Jacquelin Broadwater Norell

Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting

Class of '98 and '01

As a first generation college student, I come from a humble background, raised in a family of veterans, coal miners, farmers, and factory workers. My professional career began with an internship for a small government consulting company while pursuing my master's. I fell in love with the idea of supporting the federal government, while using my analytical capabilities I developed with my background in chemistry and my MBA. After surviving 9/11 attacks while working in the Pentagon, I decided that I was meant to do something meaningful in my career that allowed me to bring the best of myself to my clients, but also support a meaningful mission.


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How Virginia Tech equipped me for the "real world"...

I graduated from Virginia Tech in the late 90's at VT, during the era of Coach Beamer and Bud Foster. What I love the most about what I learned at the university and have brought into my work and personal life, is the work hard, play hard mentality. The lunch-pail defense, get on the field, get to work, for the love of the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you continue to push forward and better yourself. 


Best advice I've received...

A good friend and colleague of mine told me to find the thing that allows you to be your best self for your career. Rather than forcing yourself into something that doesn't make you happy.  When you're not happy, you're not going to bring your best self. Enjoy the journey!


A key habit, practice, or skill, that's vital for success in my industry...

Self reflection. Take the time to be proud of something you've done. And do it often. The most important thing about success is to define it for yourself, and not allow others to define it for you.


A cause that I'm most passionate about...

One of the things that has driven me throughout my career, is that I'm very focused on equality. I recently took a role in my firm that allowed me to not only practice equality, but influence equality in the workplace. The place that I felt I had the greatest opportunity to affect it was through pay equality.  Now matter how practitioners identify, I can confidently say that I applied an approach to starting salries based on equal pay. I'm proud of the effect I've had on this change.



Top of my bucket list...

Traveling cross country in an RV with the final destination being my permanent home, with the ocean just off my front porch.


Last book I read...

The Art of Showing Up, by Rachel Miller


Advice for a current Virginia Tech student...

I would encourage students to consider finding a corporate culture that resonates with them. Whatever you choose to do in life should be something that you feel is meaningful, whether that be making money, supporting your community, children, animals, or the environment. Whatever motivates you and drives you, follow it. I think one of the reasons I have stayed with my current firm so long is because the core values at Deloitte are so like the core values at Virginia Tech. Servant leadership, honor, duty, brotherhood, and a sense of community. What drew me to Virginia Tech, is what drew me to Deloitte. Find the same for yourself.


Best part of being a Virginia Tech alum...

The sense of community. I was in Madrid for a work trip a few years ago, and spotted someone in the airport with a Virginia Tech hat on, and we were instant friends. Across the globe, across the sea, it was such an indication of who we are as a community. Whether it's a Hokie that I work with, or a Hokie that I spot in the community, we have an immediate sense of belonging to each other. We have a reason for helping and supporting each other in life. 


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