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Hybrid Employee Feature 2

Hybrid Employee Feature

Mark Shapiro, '02

Senior Director of Software Engineering

Mark Shapiro in his work from home Hokie set-up

“One of the hardest adjustments I've had to make is not being able to have impromptu quick, casual conversations with friends and co-workers about whatever.”

Are you hopeful to return to an office?

Our offices are currently open, however I am able to choose where to work and how, so I am primarily at home, but leverage the office as needed.

What is something your organization has done to support you/your teammates during the pandemic?

Being able to get office furniture. Monitors and chairs were a big help as my setup wasn't great for long term WFH [work from home]. "Gift boxes" sent to our homes, either with food and/or swag is always nice to get as well.

My favorite Work from Home productivity/focus hack...

Either getting laundry down between meetings during the day, or prepping dinner during an afternoon meeting to save time cooking later.

One of the hardest adjustments I've had to make...

Not being able to have impromptu quick, casual conversations with friends and co-workers about whatever.

For me, self-care looks like...

Making my time my own. Making sure to stay on top of personal health things like exercise, and doing my best to stay connected with my family.

When I'm in focused head down mode, I'm listening to...

Probably some Avenger's themed soundtrack station on Apple Music (lyrics get too distracting for me).

If I had to describe my new normal in a single word...

"Cat on keyboard" (Slack emoji).

Word of advice to fellow parents working and parenting from home...

Much respect, I don't know how you're able to manage it all!

One of my favorite ways to collaborate virtually...

Using my iPad on a zoom meeting to whiteboard by drawing on the screen. It's not a substitute for a large board in the office, but at least my pencil never runs out of ink like the dry-erase boards.

I hope we never go back to...

Entirely the way things used to be. I like having an office, but the CHOICE not to use it.

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