About LINK


Navigating a large and comprehensive university takes time. LINK is your gateway to Virginia Tech. We connect industry partners to the university — and faculty and students to market needs and opportunities.

From research collaborations, to experiential learning projects, to technology licensing, to corporate giving, LINK provides university-level support to deliver a full continuum of engagement opportunities.

How are we different?

LINK was formed specifically to meet the needs of industry.


We bring a holistic, market-driven sensibility 

to develop and maintain strong, responsive relationships with strategic partners, backed by deep ties to Virginia Tech faculty, staff, and students.

We are in it for the long haul.

We provide partners long-term connections and institutional memory so that collaborations can take root and flourish. From the initial meeting to multi-year collaborations and asset management, LINK creates pathways for mutual benefit and lasting value.

We break down barriers, not build them up. 

We create standardized, business-friendly agreements and offer a team-based approach, bringing together key stakeholders to understand goals and constraints from the outset and create win-win scenarios for all involved.

How do we help?

We are your door to opportunity.


  • Connect businesses and organizations with research centers, institutes, and programs

  • Support contract negotiations and commercialization of assets

  • Serve as a hub for the innovation ecosystem, both within and beyond Virginia Tech

  • Facilitate student scholarships, professorships, and fellowships

  • Help with student hiring, experiential learning opportunities, and internships
  • Offer professional training and advisory board opportunities

  • Enable charitable giving, corporate branding, and stewardship

  • Contribute to collaborative proposal development, agreements, and valuations

  • Provide tools and resources to help faculty and staff engage effectively

Whether you are seeking to retain top talent, solve research and development challenges, stay on the leading edge of innovation, encourage inclusion and diversity, or tap into Virginia Tech’s broader network of partners and programs, LINK's team will get you connected.