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Alexandra Marnot

Justin Watts

Always working dilligently, Alexandra is a senior studying Chemical Engineering with a Biomedical Engineering Minor. Her experience in fully conceptualizing and executing her research project at Polymers and Composites Materials Laboratory enhanced her technical and analytical skills, giving her a stronger understanding of the materials behind the technology commercialization industry.

The summer following her junior year, she was at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) at a Unit Operations Laboratory working with heat exchangers, ion exchange columns, and distillation and aeration columns, where she performed a solid-liquid extraction on pectin from lemon peels. Her eagerness to learn and inquisitive nature makes her an exciting addition to the LINK team.

Outside of work, Alexandra practices yoga and enjoys growing and tending to her plants. She hopes to travel the globe as much as she possibly can, especially to the more “untouched” parts of the world.