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David Irvin, Ph.D.

David Irvin portrait.

Licensing Officer, LICENSE

David is passionate about learning new fields of science and finding commercial applications for emergent technologies. He possesses more than a decade’s worth of experience in academic science, throughout graduate school and his postdoctoral fellowship.

Prior to arriving at Virginia Tech, David was a postdoctoral fellow in the department of Translational Molecular Pathology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. His research centered around the development of several novel mouse models for astrocytoma. David interned at the Office of Technology Commercialization, where he helped commercialize and license technology developed at MD Anderson. David is also a registered patent agent.

David earned his bachelor’s degree in Biology from UNC Chapel Hill and his master’s degree in Biochemistry from NCSU in Raleigh, where his research centered around the structure of the prokaryotic ribosome. David received his Ph.D. from UNC Chapel Hill in Genetics and Molecular Biology. His dissertation research centered around the development of two novel mouse models of glioblastoma multiforme.