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Harassment statement regarding non-U.S. citizens who work and/or study at Virginia Tech

Many of the non-U.S. citizens at Virginia Tech hope to live and work in the United States for the foreseeable future. International Support Services, a unit within International Affairs, recognizes their great intellectual, cultural, economic, and related contributions to our community, and we are proud to have them in the Virginia Tech family. Unfortunately, given their temporary visa status, they often feel quite vulnerable. Certain individuals may exploit this situation with intimidation, coercion, and/or threats. Anyone who is aware of such behavior should contact International Support Services (231-6459) if the victim is either a J-I Visiting Scholar, H-B Specialized Employment, TN, 0-1, or in pending VT-sponsored Permanent Resident (Green Card) status. If the victim is an international graduate student, the International Office in the Graduate School should be contacted (231-4558). If an international undergraduate student is the victim, Cranwell (231-6527) should be contacted. Once notified, these offices will immediately engage Virginia Tech’s Office for Equity and Inclusion (231-7500) to facilitate an appropriate resolution of the allegations and concerns. If there is a threat of physical harm, the Virginia Tech Police should be contacted (231-6411) immediately. (Please note that Virginia Tech Policy 1025 on Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Policy states that: “Administrators, supervisors, or faculty members have a legal obligation to act whenever they learn - either directly or indirectly – about discrimination/harassment. This obligation exists even if the complainant requests that no action be taken.”)

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