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Virginia Tech news conference satellite feed

Virginia Tech is making a historic commitment to build a revolutionary 1 million-square-foot, technology-focused campus in Alexandria – a $1 billion project that is part of a comprehensive higher-education package that was cited as a key reason Amazon selected Virginia for a new headquarters sites. Broadcast newsrooms are invited to use footage from Tuesday’s media event to introduce the new campus


Satellite information:

Times = 15:00-16:30 ET apx.30

Galaxy-17 (Ku-Band) 91 Degrees WL.

Transponder-07K Slot 6

Downlink Frequency = 11855.000 Horizontal

SR: 5.0 FEC: 3/4 Roll Off: .20

Data Rate: 11.14061780

Pilots: Off

Latency: Low

Video Codec H.264  Format 1080i

Audio: 2 Channels MPEG 1 Layer 2

Technical Support +1 917 747 3554

The feed will also be available through LTN Global. If you prefer to receive the broadcast from LTN please call the NOC at 240 855 0004 and ask for source PITT-PIT-E1.