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Master of Science - Computer Engineering

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Program Overview:

The master of science in computer engineering involves deep study in specific areas of the discipline and is ideal preparation for further research. This program culminates in a thesis, presenting the results of independent research conducted by the student under close supervision of a faculty advisor.

The master of science in computer engineering degree provides a solid foundation in computer engineering while still offering flexibility to meet the needs and interests of individual students. Students in good standing typically complete either degree option in about two years. The thesis option is encouraged as it provides students with an in-depth research experience and requires fewer courses. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required to remain a student in good standing and to graduate.

Credits required for graduation:

  • 9 credits (research)
  • 21 credits of coursework includes 6 credits in software courses and 6 credits in hardware courses

Graduates will possess a breadth of knowledge in computer engineering areas and study a range of real-world applications. Current students have collaborated on projects such as developing brain implants for treating neurological disorders to building the world’s smallest adapter.

Program outcomes:

Upon completion of the program, individuals will be able to:

  • Assume a leadership role in research institutions, government agencies, technology companies, colleges and universities.
  • Excel in mid-level and advanced positions in industries related to computing technology
  • Put to work in-depth knowledge about software development, research and development process, communication skills, and ethical issues related to computing technology
  • Specialize in topics such as power electronics systems, space and atmospheric sciences, and wireless and secure systems

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