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05/22/2020 Telework in the time of COVID-19: clear policy helps employees Bill Becker, an associate professor of management in the Pamplin College of Business, is one of the researchers examining telework and electronic communications during COVID-19 in a new study.
05/22/2020 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences alumni sow seeds of compassion College of Agriculture and Life Sciences alumni that work at Riverbend Nursery helped grow 800 lilies that were donated to Carilion New River Valley Medical Center and LewisGale Regional Health System.
05/22/2020 Hokies help a senior living community during pandemic When a senior living community struggled to find scarce supplies to care for its residents, staff at Virginia Tech stepped in to help.
05/20/2020 Extension Master Gardeners meet demand for home vegetable gardening information The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of people interested in home vegetable gardening, said Dave Close, Virginia Cooperative Extension consumer horticulture specialist and Extension Master Gardener program director.
05/19/2020 Spurred by COVID-19, researcher Linsey Marr evaluates efficacy of sterilized N95 respirators, alternative mask materials Since March, Virginia Tech civil and environmental engineering professor Linsey Marr, an expert in the airborne transmission of infectious disease, has been testing the efficacy of sterilized N95 respirators and alternative mask materials in filtering out particles.

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05/15/2020 Virginia Tech continues to operate under the 'essential operations' designation
05/06/2020 University update on fees for spring semester
04/26/2020 Planning from the peak: A message from President Tim Sands In the U.S., we are evidently near the peak of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. We may have seen the worst that this disease can bring, but we are not yet confident that every day from here on will be better than the last.
04/06/2020 Financial planning in response to COVID-19
04/01/2020 April 1 updates: Information around accessing campus buildings in Blacksburg and Washington, D.C., metro area To maintain the overall safety and security of the campus community and to reduce the scale of increased cleaning and maintenance required by the COVID-19 emergency, physical access to many academic and administrative buildings on the Blacksburg campus will be altered.

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