Virginia Tech Web Logo Paths

for web developers

When using the logo for websites–both in the CMS and on other servers–we strongly recommend using a link to the logo file and scaling the SVG file of your choice to your needs. The links above go into an image tag source within a page's HTML structure or within an HTML component in the CMS as shown below. The scaling of the image, and the addition of any other padding or margins would be done through CSS. When setting the size of the logo with CSS, use a width of 100% within the <img> tag, and then set a max-width property in CSS to the desired pixel size. Using a link ensures you will always have the current logo as trademark registration and other aspects may change over time.

NOTE: If you have a site hosted with a third-party or outside the CMS system that requires a raster image format (JPG, PNG, etc.) please contact us directly to supply the file to you. The logos above are only in SVG format.


<img src="//" width="100%" />

CSS example:

.some-outer-element img {
    max-width: 280px;
    margin: 20px;

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