Sustainable Biomaterials

The Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, one of four departments in the College of Natural Resources and Environment, is home to one of the leading programs in renewable natural resources science in North America. Our program focuses on the development of future leaders in the sustainable utilization of forest-based and other renewable natural materials.

What is the field of Sustainable Biomaterials all about?

The field of sustainable biomaterials is about the use of natural, renewable resources to produce innovative materials and bioenergy in a sustainable manner. It is a blend of science, engineering, and business enterprises.

In this department you can learn about the chemistry of biomaterials, their use in green construction, their use in packaging, and how to produce and market those materials.

Students can focus in sustainable biobased products, green engineered-wood structures, innovation-based manufacturing, traditional forest products, biomaterials science, advanced packaging systems, and natural resources business systems.