The program gives you the opportunity to identify a path to prepare for teacher or school counselor licensure and other careers in the human sciences. While the program is not degree granting, you will explore different ideas, majors, topics, and paths to teacher licensure. You will participate in Pre-Education Advising and be assigned a dedicated pre-education advisor who will work with you to explore your strengths, interests, and state requirements for teacher and counselor preparation before choosing the right major. Your course schedule will be created individually and tailored for your interest while fulfilling general education requirements. You have up to two years to explore but most students declare a major much sooner.

At Virginia Tech, the route to teacher licensure includes earning a degree and pursuing graduate school in Education. The pre-education and human sciences undecided option offers a good pathway to select a major and prepare for graduate school for students interested in teaching grades K-6. While this option is also open to students interested in teaching grades 7-12, you may also select the major in the subject you intend to teach. For instance, major in History to complete the required courses in the discipline and prepare to pursue the graduate program in Education.

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