Marketing is the multidisciplinary study of exchange among buyers and sellers. Seeking to satisfy the needs and wants of the consumer, it is the marketing manager who develops new products, assigns effective price levels, imagines creative promotional strategies, and develops the best distribution plans to guarantee that products reach the customer. Marketing plays a crucial role as well in managing the customer relationships central to the exchange of goods and services from business to business. Social media is a growing factor in marketing.

The marketing curriculum at Virginia Tech recognizes the importance of innovation and technology for successful marketing initiatives and the potential for marketing activities to advance social welfare, consumer well-being and quality-of-life, and global economic development.

Students majoring in marketing take three core marketing College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciencesses during their junior year: principles of marketing management, consumer behavior, and marketing research. Primarily in their senior year, marketing students specialize through courses in consumer and/or business marketing. Finally, students integrate and apply their knowledge in a capstone marketing strategy College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciencess involving extensive case analysis. Our graduates take jobs with companies and non-profit organizations large and small in a range of functions including marketing management, sales, retailing, development, and consulting.

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