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A team dedicated to supporting all aspects of corporate partnerships from research collaborations, to corporate giving, to technology commercialization and start-ups. We are a one stop shop for industry from discovery to market.

Brandy Salmon at an industry roundtable

Together, our team ensures breakthroughs break through



Center for Advancing Partnerships

Serves as a gateway to the university to support holistic, strategic industry partnerships. We deliver market-driven sensibility and expertise.

Next Frontiers of Space

Advancing talent and research to explore new frontiers.

Virginia Tech launches program for luminary partners advancing space science and engineering
Meet the Hokie Pioneers launching us into the Next Frontiers of Space in this unique virtual experience  



Say hello to Virginia Tech inventors who are changing the world

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    X.J. Meng
    X.J. Meng

    Molecular virologist and one of the world’s leading scientists studying public health pathogen hepatitis E virus (HEV).

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    Alan Asbeck
    Alan Asbeck

    Director of the Assistive Robotics Lab centering research on building human-assistance devices and on understanding how to make them work most effectively with the body. His goal is to help people regain capabilities they have lost, or enable people to perform feats that were not previously possible.

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    Amanda Morris
    Amanda Morris

    A classically trained photo-electrochemist with demonstrated success using various techniques (cyclic voltammetry, spectroelectrochemistry, and pulsed-laser spectroscopy) to explore new frontiers in renewable energy.

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Our team offers a full continuum of services to the Virginia Tech community and industry to help partnerships grow and flourish and ensure the discoveries made at the university deliver economic and human impact. We enable platforms and projects large and small. From delivering on the goals of Virginia Tech’s new Innovation Campus, to be located in Alexandria Virginia, to nurturing Virginia Tech start-ups, we offer a full suite of services under one team.  Our three complementary centers help companies increase talent and research capabilities, commercialize ideas and discoveries, and create cycles of growth and opportunity to serve the VT community, commonwealth and beyond.