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Shane Campbell

Justin Watts

Shane is a senior studying Computational Modeling and Data Analytics with a minor in Computer Science and is originally from Kalamazoo, MI. His background includes serving in the Marine Corps for four years, tutoring in open math centers at both Virginia Tech and Virginia Western Community College, performing research in the monitoring of cure processes of composite materials as an intern at NASA, and working as an undergraduate TA in a course involving parallel computing concepts. This assortment of experiences has helped shaped his character and technical skills and better prepared him for his current role with LINK as a research analyst for technology assessment.

He wholeheartedly embraces and enjoys all learning opportunities, whether it be in the classroom, through books, or even from professors outside of class. Shane is also fond of fictional novels, mountain biking, trying new foods, keeping up with college and professional sports (including a large amount of associated statistics), and occasionally trying a new craft beer.