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Aayush Sureshchander

Justin Watts

Aayush is currently pursuing Master’s in Electrical Engineering with a specialization in Control and Automation. He received his Bachelor of Technology from SASTRA University, India. As an innovative individual he applied for his first patent at the age of 16 and has been prolific with projects and ideas since. He enjoys technology and loves to get hands on. His experience in projects and technical knowledge in control systems, embedded systems and Internet of Things, has helped him gain the ability of understanding technical feasibility. Aayush also has experience as a marketing executive for the cultural fest of SASTRA University. Balancing technical with business skills make Aayush a valuable addition to the team.

Away from work, Aayush follows and plays soccer, he’s fond of food and gaming. He is also currently working on a novel, and will never mind a cup of coffee or tea!