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Virginia Tech’s Moss Arts Center presents renowned artists from around the globe and from close to home, with a special focus on experiences that expand cultural awareness and deepen understanding. Uniquely partnered with the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology, the Moss Arts Center houses the Street and Davis Performance Hall and its Anne and Ellen Fife Theatre, visual art galleries, the experimental venue the Cube, and research studios.  

Other units at Virginia Tech also present arts programming, including:

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Virginia Tech Union is a student-run arts presenter on campus, offering educational and social entertainment that represents the diverse culture of Virginia Tech’s students and its community. Virginia Tech Union enhances students’ out-of-classroom experience through leadership and volunteer opportunities. 

Founded in 1969, the Virginia Tech Union is now one of the largest student programming boards on campus. Students can get involved in a variety of Virginia Tech Union committees, including concerts, alternative sounds, speakers, Lively Arts, films, and special event planning; housing and hospitality; and public relations.

In addition to Virginia Tech Union, many other student organizations on campus also present arts programming. Visit Gobbler Connect for student arts events.

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Perspective Gallery, operated by the Division of Student Affairs on the second floor of Squires Student Center, is committed to exhibiting the finest quality fine art with a special interest in providing art viewing opportunities that pique student curiosity and create bridges within the academic and world community. The university campus is a unique environment where students are exposed to new and innovative ideas. The role of Perspective Gallery is to enrich the college experience by exhibiting artwork that expands a student’s conceptual world. Even when the gallery is closed, exhibitions are visually available through perimeter windows and down the corridor along the side of the gallery.

The School of Performing Arts and the School of Visual Arts also present a huge array of performances and exhibitions throughout the year.