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Veteran Application Checklist

  1. Are you entering as a freshman or a transfer? Do you have less than 12 college credit hours? That makes you a freshman. Do you have 12 or more college credit hours? That makes you a transfer.
  2. What deadline will you choose? If you’re entering as a freshman, you can choose the deadline that is best for you, and make sure you get your application submitted by that date. (Remember Early Decision is binding!) If you’re entering as a transfer, your application deadline is February 15. In either case, also be sure to take note of the day when grades and test scores are due.
  3. Build your Coalition application profile. You can do this anytime, even before the application opens. This personal information will be a good start toward completing your application.
  4. Complete the online application. The $60 application fee will be automatically waived for veterans who apply.

If you have specific questions about the application process for veterans, please contact:

Captain (Retired) Rich Davis, Assistant Director
(540) 231-6267

To learn more about opportunities and resources for students who are veterans at Virginia Tech, visit

Completed applications will receive priority in the review process. It is critical to meet the deadlines for your application. The university reserves the right to withdraw, without notice, any application that is not complete by the deadline.