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What Does My Admissions Decision Mean?

If you have received your admissions decision from Virginia Tech, you might be unfamiliar with what some of the responses mean. Your decision should be displayed on your status page within your Virginia Tech Guest account. Here’s a quick explanation of each one:

  1. Offered admission: This means that you have been offered admission to Virginia Tech. If this is your decision, you must accept or decline your offer. Accepting your offer will require responding and paying your $400 acceptance fee, and will secure your place as a student at Virginia Tech (assuming you maintain the requirements under which you were admitted).
  2. Deny: This means that your application was reviewed but not considered competitive for the major to which you applied. You were not admitted into the major to which you applied.
  3. Waitlist: This means your application was competitive, that there is a chance you may still be offered, but you have not yet been offered. See the wait list FAQ page for more.
  4. Deferred: This status means that your application needs further review before a decision can be reached. Reasons for this vary but may include missing materials, conduct concerns, inconsistencies in your academic record, and others. Exact reasons for your deferral should be obtained by contacting the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. If your decision is deferred, you are automatically placed in a later decision plan. The plan into which you have been moved should be displayed with your decision.

All decisions are final within a cycle. Students wishing to re-apply must do so in a future cycle.

What is on-site admission?

As a service to its local community, Virginia Tech offers the opportunity for an earlier admission decision for schools in close proximity to the Blacksburg campus. These are coordinated with the school counseling office at each school. To find out if your school participated in on-site review, contact your school’s guidance office.