Parking is available off of Perry Street. You should find ample parking in the Perry Street Parking Garage, or the surrounding surface lots. Once you have parked, walk up the staircase in between Whittemore and Cowgill Halls and follow the signs, balloons, and our Hokie Ambassadors directing you to Burruss Hall for freshmen or to Hancock Hall for transfer students.

Click here for detailed directions to campus (choose "Perry Street Parking Lots").

There are limited visitor parking spaces available directly across from Burruss Hall.

Handicap Parking

Handicap parking is available on Old Turner Street. You must display a handicap license plate or hangtag from the DMV to park in this area.

From the directions above, turn right onto Old Turner Street from Stanger Street (past Perry Street). Handicap access to Burruss Hall is at the end of Old Turner Street.

Parking Pointers

You can park in almost any parking place on the weekends, with the following exceptions:

  • metered parking spaces at the University Bookstore (meters elsewhere on campus are generally not enforced on weekends)
  • parking lots marked 24-hour faculty and staff (F/S 24-hour)
  • a designated handicapped parking space without a handicapped permit