Hokie Focus Schedule

Attention attendees: Use these digital interactive maps to help you navigate the locations of this special event once you arrive!

Here's a quick overview of what you can expect at Hokie Focus. We will have representatives from each college giving information sessions, student-led campus tours, and information on student life programs.

Do not worry about printing this schedule—when you arrive at Burruss Hall, you will be provided with an agenda and a campus map.

Arrive on time

We highly recommend that you take full advantage of your trip to Blacksburg by allowing yourself the benefit of the entire program.

Vital information about completing the admissions process at Virginia Tech is provided in the information session, along with specialized Break-out sessions throughout the rest of the day. We have developed a program that is condensed into an informative and activity-packed few hours.

Things to do

Although your day will be packed with information about Virginia Tech, we thought you might be interested in some of the 'extracurricular' activities happening in Blacksburg!