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Donnell Wright

Assistant Director
Donnell Wright
Visitor and Undergraduate Admissions Center
Virginia Tech
925 Prices Fork Road

Originally from the South Side of Chicago, Donnell earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Virginia and served in the Virginia College Advising Corps at Armstrong High School in Richmond.

Donnell has a passion for accessibility and attainability for underrepresented youths. He oversees several of our diversity events, including Sneak Peek, Campus Connection Day, and Gateway, as well as our Yates Scholars.

Outside the office, Donnell likes to eat – he is a taco aficionado!

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Territories: Illinois, Georgia, Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

Special Projects: Sneak Peek, Diversity Team, RaiseMe, CAC Liaison, Yates Society, CBO Liaison