• The University Bursar is responsible for billing student accounts, which includes your tuition, comprehensive fees, course fees, dining plans, housing charges, and software charges.*
  • Career Services offers counseling and resources to help you explore majors, get into grad school, or find that perfect job.*
  • The Cook Counseling Center provides mental health, psychiatric, and trauma counseling and screening.*
  • The Dean of Students offers a collection of services that include Student Advocacy, Cranwell International Center, and Intercultural Engagement Center, and promotes a safe and helpful atmosphere for students, serving as a liaison with the university.*
  • The mission of the Division of Student Affairs is "To promote students learning, life skills, and personal growth through a strong focus on holistic student development and collaborative partnerships that deliver superior service to, and care for, students in the spirit of Ut Prosim."
  • Dining Services provides award-winning food service in 10 campus dining centers.*
  • Housing and Residence Life provides resident services and community development to the 9,000+ students who live in the residence halls.*
  • The Intercultural Engagement Center (IEC) supports underrepresented populations through advising, leadership development, and diversity training.*
  • New Student Programs serves as the introduction for new students through New Student Orientation and Hokie Camp, and supports the families of students.*
  • Off-Campus Housing provides resources for students moving off campus including search tools for nearby apartments and roommates.
  • Recreational Sports operates the two gyms on campus and coordinates intramural sports teams, club sports, group fitness, and self-directed exercise programs.*
  • The Schiffert Health Center delivers medical services and health information programs.*
  • Services for Students with Disabilities advises students who need help gaining access to university services and opportunities.*
  • Student Advocacy promotes a safe and helpful atmosphere for students, serving as a liaison between them and 
the university.*
  • Student Engagement and Campus Life manages student centers, event planning, university awards, and student organizations.*
  • The Student Success Center offers free academic support and enrichment programs for undergraduates. It offers services like tutoring, study skills seminars, college transition programs, graduate school preparation, and grants for research projects.*
  • The Office of the University Registrar maintains student information and academic records; processes transcript requests; and publishes the academic calendar, course catalog, and timetable of classes.
  • The Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid provides support and resources for students and families as they search and apply for scholarships and financial aid at Virginia Tech.

* -Taken directly from the Division of Student Affairs' You're In…NOW WHAT? Your Guide to Life at Virginia Tech.

Family Resources

The college application process can be just as overwhelming for parents and families as it is for students, especially for families of first generation students. Below, we've provided information to introduce you to the college application process. We hope the information about Virginia Tech's application, financial aid, and orientation processes is helpful as your student applies and transitions to Virginia Tech. And after your student joins our campus community, we hope that you'll take advantage of parent and family resources and become a part of the Hokie family, too!

As you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! (Our contact information is provided on the right.)

The College Application Process

If you take a look at the Prepare for College page, you'll see that there's lots for your student to do to prepare for college. There are steps that you (as parents and family members) can take to prepare for the college application process, too!

Just as we encourage students to do a fair amount to research throughout the college search process, parents and families are encouraged to get involved in the research and take steps to learn about the college admissions and application process. For example, the National Association for College Admission Counseling provides Student and Parent Resources (en español) for the college search process. The College Board also offers information "For Parents" to help their students through the college application and financial aid processes. By utilizing these and other resources, you'll be ready to support your student as he/she progresses through high school and starts preparing for college.

To prepare for the Virginia Tech application process, we encourage you to review these resources:

University Scholarships and Financial Aid

Every college's financial aid office has its own unique process and requirements. Students will need your help with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the very first step in the financial aid process at any college or university. To prepare for that process, take a look at the tips we provide to students for Applying for Financial Aid. For more detailed information, visit the Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid's webpage, and be sure to check out the Parents section.

New Student Orientation

The summer before your student enrolls at Virginia Tech, he/she will attend New Student Orientation, a two-day program designed to help your student transition to the Virginia Tech campus. Students stay overnight in an on-campus residence hall, meet with an advisor to register for fall classes, and meet other new Hokies!

Parents and families are often involved in the orientation process as well. Learn how parents and families can prepare for New Student Orientation and help make your student's orientation process the best possible introduction to life at Virginia Tech.

For more information about how you can help your student transition to Virginia Tech, check out the Parents and Families section in You're In…NOW WHAT? Your Guide to Life at Virginia Tech (starting on page 54).

Family Programs and Resources

There are lots of ways that you (as parents and family members) can stay involved in your student's experience at Virginia Tech:

  • We know that your student's transition to Virginia Tech will be a transition for parents and families as well. Be sure to take advantage of the Parents and Family resources from the Division of Student Affairs office.
  • Keep tabs on your student's timeline at Virginia Tech with the Family Guide and Calendar.
  • Stay up-to-date on news for parents and families by subscribing to the Hokie Family E-Newsletter.