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We will be accepting major changes until August 15th. To be considered for a different major at this time you should choose from the listing below and email your request to appchange@vt.edu in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Not all majors are listed as options at this time and the list is subject to change as programs fill to capacity. Students should only request to be considered for majors found on the list below. Applicants will be re-reviewed for admission into the requested major and notified of the decision within 2 weeks.

The listing of majors is divided by the academic college in which the majors reside. Additional information is also provided for students interested in Teacher Education as well as pre-professional advising programs (such as pre-medical, other pre-health programs, pre-law, or pre-veterinary studies).

Programs of Study

Below is a list of majors with available space. For specific information on each major, please see the programs of study section of this website.

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

  • AGRB Agribusiness
    • Agribusiness Management; Veterinary Business Management
  • AEM Applied Economic Management
    • Community Economic Development; Environmental Economics, Management, and Policy; Financial Planning; International Trade and Development
  • AGSC Agricultural Sciences
  • APSC Animal and Poultry Sciences
    • Pre-Vet; Production Business (Livestock Emphasis, Poultry Emphasis, Equine Emphasis); Science (Livestock Emphasis, Poultry Emphasis, Equine Emphasis)
  • BCHM Biochemistry
  • CSS Crop & Soil Sciences
    • Agroecology; Biotechnology and Genetics; International Agriculture; Soils and Land Rehabilitation; Turfgrass Management
  • DASC Dairy Science
    • Dairy Enterprise Management; Biotechnology/Pre-Vet
  • EHRT Environmental Horticulture
  • ENSC Environmental Science
    • Aquatic Resources; Land Resources; Plant Resources; Waste Management; Water Resources
  • FST Food Science & Technology
    • Food Business; Science/Technology/Pre-Vet
  • LCON – Landscape Contracting

Pamplin College of Business

  • BUS Business (undecided) 1
  • ACIS Accounting and Information Systems
  • FIN Finance
  • HTM Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • MGT Management
  • MKTG Marketing Management
  • REAL Real Estate

College of Liberal Arts & Human Sciences

  • CLA Classical Studies
  • CMST Communication Studies
  • CONS Consumer Studies
  • CW Creative Writing
  • CRI Criminology
  • LL English: Language and Literature
  • FCS Family and Consumer Scienecs
  • FMD Fashion Merchandising and Design
  • FR French
  • GER German
  • HIST History
    • Global/Comparative History; Military/Diplomatic/Political History; Science/Technology/Environment History; Social/Cultural/Economic History
  • HD Human Development
    • Human Services; Child & Adolescent Development; Family Gerontology; Professional Helping Skills; Elementary Education
  • IPPL International Public Policy
  • IREL International Relations
  • IS International Studies
    • Business; Environmental Affairs; Global Development; World Politics & Policy
  • LAU Liberal Arts, Undecided
  • MJ Multimedia Journalism
  • MUS Music (audition required)
    • Composition; Music Design; Music Education; Performance; Technology
  • NSFA National Security and Foreign Affairs
  • PHIL Philosophy
    • Pre-Medical Professions Option
  • PSCI Political Science
    • Legal Studies; National Security Studies
  • PREE Pre-Education and Human Sciences, Undecided
  • PTW Professional and Technical Writing
  • PM Property Management
  • PR Public Relations
  • RLCL Religion and Culture
  • RED Residential Environments and Design
  • RUS Russian
  • SOC Sociology
    • Crime/Deviance; Africana Studies; Social Inequality; Women’s and Gender Studies
  • SPAN Spanish
  • TA Theatre Arts
    • Cinema; Design; General Theatre; Performance

College of Architecture & Urban Studies

  • BC Building Construction
  • CAUS: Exploring Architecture and Urban Studies
  • EPP Environmental Policy and Planning
  • LAR Landscape Architecture (5-year program) 4,6
  • PUA Public and Urban Affairs
    • Environmental Affairs; Global Development; Public and Nonprofit Management; Public Policy; Urbanization: Planning and Policy

College of Natural Resources and Environment

  • NR Natural Resources (undecided) 1
  • ERM Environmental Resources Management
    • Environmental Resource Management; Watershed Management
  • EI Environmental Informatics
  • FISC Fish Conservation
    • Fisheries; Marine Fisheries
  • FORS Forestry
    • Forest Resource Management; Forest Operations and Business; Urban Forestry
  • GEOG Geography
    • Geospatial and Environmental Analysis; Culture, Regions, and International Development
  • MTRG Meteorology
  • NRC Natural Resources Conservation
    • Conservation and Recreation Management, Environmental Education, Natural Resources Science Education
  • PSD Packaging Systems and Design
  • SBIO Sustainable Biomaterials
  • WRPM Water: Resources, Policy, and Management
  • WLC Wildlife Conservation

College of Science

  • BIOC Biochemistry
  • BIOL Biology
  • CHEM Chemistry
  • CBNU Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience
  • CMDA Computational Modeling and Data Analytics
  • CSNU Computational and Systems Neuroscience
  • ECAS Economics
  • EXPN Experimental Neuroscience
  • GEOS Geosciences
  • MATH Mathematics
  • MICB Microbiology
  • NANO Nanoscience
  • NEUR Neuroscience
  • PHYS Physics
  • PSYC Psychology
  • STAT Statistics
  • SYSB Systems Biology


  • US University Studies 1
  • XT Explore Technology 1

Teacher Education

Students interested in becoming teachers or school counselors should review the information on the Teacher Education page.

How Teacher Education Works at Virginia Tech

Undergraduate students major in the subject area most closely related to what they would like to teach. When nearing completion of the bachelor’s degree and the requirements in the specified major, students apply for admission to a master’s degree program in one of the education fields to complete clinical requirements and pedagogical courses for a teaching license. This license is required to enter the teaching profession in public schools.

Advising Programs

Students interested in pre-professional preparation in areas such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and law, may choose any major in any college, and may arrange to work with the appropriate pre-professional advisor to prepare for application and admission to the professional school of their choice. The information on the following links will be helpful: Pre-Health , Pre-Law, and Pre-Veterinary Medicine.

Note: Pre-Health, Pre-Law, and Pre-Veterinary Medicine are career path options at Virginia Tech. Undergraduate students will choose a major and receive guidance on the specific requirements of professional schools from an advisor.

  • Pre-Health
    Any major is acceptable to health professional schools as long as students satisfy admission requirements. Although pre-health professions students tend to be concentrated in a few disciplines (biochemistry; biology; chemistry; engineering; human nutrition, food and exercise; and psychology), recent research demonstrates that the non-science major not only has an equal opportunity for admission to medical school, but also performs at the same level as the undergraduate science major.
  • Pre-Law
    Students interested in attending law school should choose their majors based on their own personal and academic interests and abilities. Although many students who plan to become lawyers study political science, English, history, or philosophy, it is not a disadvantage when applying to law school to have majored in architecture, biology, business, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, or other subjects.
  • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
    The required courses and a proficiency in the sciences are essential to understanding veterinary medicine, but concentration in the sciences is not necessary for admission. Pre-veterinary students most often major in animal and poultry sciences, biochemistry, biological science, dairy science, or fisheries and wildlife sciences. Students who elect majors other than biological sciences or chemistry should include some courses in advanced biology or advanced chemistry in their undergraduate programs. Suggested electives include anatomy, genetics, microbiology, and nutrition.

1 Applications accepted from incoming freshmen only; transfers may not choose these majors

2 A maximum of 28 credits from the Agricultural Technology program can be applied toward a four-year degree in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

3 Restricted major – one for which demand far exceeds available space. Freshman students applying to these majors will automatically be considered for their 2nd choice major.

4 Students are admitted in fall semester only.

5 Portfolio review required for entry at end of freshman year.

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Please note that this listing includes only available majors for undergraduate applicants in the current admissions review cycle. A complete listing of undergraduate programs of study for prospective students can be found on our programs of study page.

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