Transfer Waitlist FAQs | Summer/Fall 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does being on the waitlist mean for a transfer student?
    When a transfer student is waitlisted, it means that we need additional information to make the final decision, such as final spring grades or possibly enrollment in a summer course. To be considered from the waitlist, you must select to remain on the waitlist no later than June 1. You must also submit your updated SRAR with spring courses and grades along with a final college transcript. Please reach out to us so we can talk with you about this process. Students on the waitlist will be notified of their final admission status by July 15, 2019.
  2. What are my chances for selection from the waitlist?
    We are able to consider you from the waitlist if the needed materials are supplied in time for a decision, and pending space availability in your intended program. Again, we must have your updated SRAR and final college transcript.
  3. What is Virginia Tech’s history of selecting students from the waitlist?
    Virginia Tech is committed to transfer student success and the transfer team in Undergraduate Admissions is committed to helping you become an admitted student. We hope to increase our transfer student population and you’re part of that growth. We are constantly working to minimize barriers and improve our services for transfers through the admissions process. Again, please reach out to us to learn more about our process and what you can do to potentially receive an offer of admission.
  4. Can I do anything to increase my chances of being offered admission from the waitlist?
    Yes! Your application was put on the waitlist because we think you could be a successful student at Virginia Tech. However, in the review process, we noticed that you either were missing an important course or courses required for admission that may be able to be completed this summer, or we need to see your grades from the spring semester before making a final decision.
  5. What are my options if I am not selected from the waitlist and still wish to attend Virginia Tech?
    If you are not taken off of the waitlist because we were unable to reconcile the needed information for an offer, or due to a lack of space availability in your intended program, please plan to reapply for a subsequent term. Members of our transfer team are happy to help you create an action plan for future admission.