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Summer Academy Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When and what is Summer Academy?
    Summer Academy is a six-week program designed to ease students’ transitions from high school or from another college to Virginia Tech. Learn more at
  2. What if I have been conditionally offered admission and cannot commit to participating in Summer Academy?
    Unfortunately, if you cannot commit to the dates for Summer Academy and you have been conditionally offered admission, then you will be unable to join the Class of 2023 for the fall semester.
  3. Will I be moving in like I would for the fall semester? Am I able to stay in the same room?
    Most students will be assigned a different room for the fall semester; however, arrangements may be made for Summer Academy students to move their belongings to their fall assignment at the end of Summer Session II. Students are advised to check with Housing and Residence Life for the availability of the fall assignment.
  4. Can I pick a roommate for Summer Academy?
    Sure! If you have someone that you know coming to Summer Academy and you would like to live together, you can mutually request each other as roommates when you fill out your housing information for Summer Academy.
  5. Do I have to leave during the time that Summer Academy ends and the fall semester begins?
    Students are allowed to remain on campus during the time period between the end of Summer Session II and fall semester. There is no additional charge for this arrangement. However, there is no meal plan available during this time. Students should prepare to pay with cash or credit card to eat in the dining hall or make other arrangements for meals.
  6. Who will set up my track for the summer?
    The staff members in the Office of Summer and Winter Sessions will assign students to tracks based on track preferences, availability, and any prerequisites that may be in place. Engineering tracks are the only ones that have prerequisites.
  7. Will I have free time during Summer Academy?
    Yes, you will have free time in the evenings and on the weekends. In addition, there will be planned activities in which you can participate.
  8. How much does it cost to attend Summer Academy?
    All costs are listed at: or
  9. Is Financial Aid available?
    Summer Academy students interested in receiving consideration for financial aid must complete the Federal Application for Student Aid for the PREVIOUS year, as this is the FAFSA that runs through the summer of 2019. You may fill out the FAFSA application online at