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COVID-19 Related Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is Virginia Tech’s acceptance date?
    The deadline for freshmen to accept the offer of admission is May 1. The deadline for transfers to accept is June 1.
  2. What should I do if my family’s financial circumstances have changed as a result of the COVID-19 situation?
    Contact Virginia Tech’s Office of University Scholarships and Financial Aid by emailing
  3. I am having a hard time paying my $400 deposit due to financial difficulties caused by the COVID-19 situation. What can I do?
    Email your name, birthdate, and an explanation of the situation to Your case will be evaluated and you will receive a response regarding your options.
  4. SAT and ACT testing is currently disrupted due to COVID-19. What does that mean for my Fall 2022 application to the university?
    Virginia Tech will remain test optional for the 2021/2022 admissions cycle.
  5. My school has changed grading since the COVID-19 outbreak. How will this change affect my offer of admission?
    We will accept the grading policies that high schools and colleges put in place. Specifically, if your school creates a modified Pass/Fail where we can determine that a Pass is the equivalent of C or better, we’ll interpret based on that grade. If you have to choose between a Pass/Fail grade mode where a Pass equals a D or better, or a A-F grade mode, you should choose the A-F.
  6. I am considering delaying my entrance into Virginia Tech. How does the deferral process work?
    • A student offered admission may request a deferral of up to two years before entering Virginia Tech. The deadline for requesting a deferral is June 15, 2021. Email to make your request.
    • In order to be considered for a deferral, a student must first accept the offer of admission and pay the nonrefundable deposit fee (see number three above).
    • A deferred student may take college courses (up to 30 credit hours) during this time with the understanding that poor academic performance in those courses may negatively impact the offer of admission.
    • Transfer students are able to apply for a deferral.
    • Students who are granted a deferral are expected to begin attending Virginia Tech for the approved term. Subsequent requests for deferment are not guaranteed and decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the review committee. If a subsequent deferral request is denied, the student must enter Virginia Tech in the approved term, or reapply for admission for the desired entry term.
    • Deferred freshmen who return to Virginia Tech in freshman status will be required to live on campus. Students who return as transfers may apply for transfer housing as outlined on
  7. AP testing and credit has changed. Will that affect my decision?
    We will accept scores from any modified testing and credit policies that The College Board puts in place. Please continue to check for updates on their website:
    Updates for AP Students Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  8. When will I be able to visit?
    We are currently holding in-person information sessions and tours. Registration is available at
  9. Are new students able to take courses the summer before staring?
    Students are allowed to take college level courses the summer before entry. Please work with your advisor for course selection.
  10. Will you require students to have a vaccine, or is this something you foresee?
    Various vaccines, including COVID-19, are required. Additional information is available at
  11. When will you know if all classes will be in-person for Fall 2021? Will it be by the May 1 response deadline?
    Decisions regarding fall instruction have been made in coordination with our local health department and guidelines from the Governor's office. At this time, Virginia Tech is planning for classes to be in-person for Fall 2021.