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Real Estate

The B.S. degree in Real Estate at Virginia Tech is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary academic program that builds on existing strengths in five colleges (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; College of Architecture and Urban Studies; Pamplin College of Business; College of Engineering; College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences). Real Estate is housed within the Pamplin College of Business. The major offers Real Estate courses that integrate the material students learn in disciplinary courses such as finance, law, business-courses, and property management through practical experiences within the academic program. The integration occurs through a university-industry partnership where real estate professionals are actively involved in students' education through guest lectures, mentoring students and providing internship opportunities. In addition to learning about the broad field of real estate and the entire development process, students find their niche in the field. Students develop an area of expertise by adding a second major or completing a minor in a discipline related to real estate. Graduates are prepared to enter the Real Estate industry upon graduation and make immediate professional contributions.