Exploring Architecture and Urban Studies (undecided)

Exploring Architecture and Urban Studies

Exploring Architecture and Urban Studies is an undecided major in the College of Architecture & Urban Studies serves as a portal to the college's four and five year degree programs.

Choosing a degree program can be tough. The Exploring Architecture & Urban Studies major was created to help students who know they are interested in Architecture & Urban Studies disciplines, but not sure exactly which major they want to pursue. You may apply to Exploring Architecture & Urban Studies as a first or second choice. In fact, we recommend prospective students choose Exploring Architecture & Urban Studiesas a second choice to the Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Industrial Design majors so that if accepted they can get the specific advising support to help them transition to those majors.

How Does it Work?

Once accepted to the Exploring Architecture & Urban Studies major, students will pursue coursework across the College of Architecture & Urban Studies while also taking classes that meet some of their general education curriculum course requirements. We’ve secured permission for our Exploring Architecture & Urban Studies majors to take certain classes typically limited to Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Landscape Architecture, Building Construction, Art, Environmental Policy & Planning, and Smart Sustainable City students. Explore Architecture & Urban Studies majors are advised about these courses during new student orientation.

You’ll be advised by Rob Jacks, Director of Academic Advising in the College of Architecture & Urban Studies, and receive advice on taking classes relevant to a CAUS major or majors you’re interested in and assistance with how to transition to another CAUS major.