Explore Technology (undecided)

If you’re committed to doing something in the technology field, but you’re not yet sure what, the Explore Technology program is the place for you. This program will allow you to explore your options and to find the major associated with technology that fits you best.

The gist

  • It’s an exploratory “undecided” major designed for technically-inclined students to learn about technology-based majors and careers.
  • Students will be introduced to a range of possible majors based on their interests and aptitudes, including majors from Computational Modeling and Data Analytics to Creative Technologies in the Arts or Environmental Informatics.
  • Features a first year experience course to provide students with structured support in their search for technology-based majors and careers consistent with their skills, values and goals.
  • The first year experience course will feature "field experiences” in Virginia Tech’s premiere high technology environment—places such as the Biocomplexity Institute and Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology.
  • The curriculum builds student’s skills in computer programming and software, data analysis, information management and design and creativity.
  • Course selections are designed to allow students to earn credits toward Virginia Tech’s general education while they decide on the major they’ll ultimately complete.
  • Designed with enhanced academic advising support to help students be successful.

Our goal is to help our students succeed while at Virginia Tech and provide them with the tools and skills they need to succeed beyond their time at Virginia Tech. Explore Technology is yet another way to achieve that goal!