Explore Science (undecided)

All first-year and transfer students interested in science careers have the option of choosing the College of Science as their academic home before declaring a specific major with the college. This allows students to fully explore the breadth and depth of our available degrees, and the majors associated with these degrees before committing to a course of study. The College of Science offers degrees in life and social science (biological science, microbiology, systems biology, biochemistry, psychology, economics, neuroscience), in physical and material science (chemistry, physics, nanoscience), and in quantitative science (mathematics, statistics, computational modeling and data analytics). We want science-oriented majors to make informed decisions based on their interests, passions, skills, and career plans. We offer professional advising and informative courses to help you in this decision process (we encourage all students to declare their COS major by the end of their second semester of enrollment, if not sooner).

Prospective students should visit the Office of Undergraduate Admission online to learn about the admissions process for Virginia Tech’s College of Science. We also offer College of Science Information Sessions which are held Monday-Friday at 11:15 a.m. (registration is required).