Vice President for Operations

Sherwood G. Wilson

Sherwood Wilson
Sherwood Wilson

The Vice President for Operations oversees the Division of Operations which is responsible for providing essential operations functions in support of the university's mission. These include the following:

  • Ensuring proper management of university physical assets
  • Planning, design, construction, maintenance, and operation of the physical plant
  • Managing real estate activities
  • Complying with governmental, environmental, health, and safety regulations
  • Assuring a safe and supportive campus environment
  • Maintaining relationships with local government and organization administrators and conducting joint projects with these groups to benefit the university community and surrounding region


Emergency Management

Michael Mulhare | Assistant Vice President for Emergency Management | 540-231-4873

Environmental Health and Safety

Lance Franklin | Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety | 540-231-9044

Facilities Services

Chris Kiwus | Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer | 540-231-6291

Police Department

Kevin Foust | Chief of Police and Director of Security | 540-231-6411

Business Services

Heidi Myers | Assistant Vice President, Business Services | 540-231-9727


Administrative Office

Jim Hillman
Director of Finance

Robbie Farley
Administrative Assistant

Sarah McCoy
Executive Assistant

Kayla Smith
Special Assistant to the Vice President

Steve Vantine
Business Management Consultant